Zero Moda

County Galway

After they finished dicking around in college, Zero Moda finally got serious in 2011. Gigs were back on and tracks were recorded.

3 demo tracks are available to listen to here on Breaking Tunes.

While the band arranges for the release of their debut EP they are getting ready to hit the studio to record EP #2 as well as preparing a disc of remixes.

Zero Moda have joined the Grey Federation music collective and are due to feature on their "Tribute to Thin Lizzy" double-disc release, performing their own alt. rock bastardised take on "The Boys are Back in Town".

Stay tuned for updates, gig news and new music.

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Zero Moda - So Tired @Ballinamore Free Fringe Festival - BandWagonTv Zero Moda Playing at the N.U.I.G. college bar Zero Moda (Rascal Radio Live xmas show)