10,000 Rupees

County Galway

Initiated in 2011 by Daniel Maher, formally of "the bull munro" and "tradstone" fame (yeah right!), 10,000 Rupees is Mahers latest musical project. Hailing from the west of Ireland originally, Maher starting moving in the early naughties and has not been able to stop since. Hopping from country to country and , indeed, continent to continent in an effort to establish some sort of sense of identity, Maher eventually found himself based out of Fremantle, Western Australia.....at least for the time being....

The songs on this page were written over the course of 4 years, and have been whittled down to their current state in Germany, Holland, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Canada, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia. Thematically, the songs are influenced by people, places, death, life and love.

Enjoy, any feedback greatly appreciated!!

O by the way did we mention that Maher has been gigging the shit out of it all over the globe. Appearances at Castlepalooza and the Volve Ocean Race in 2011 were met with Rave reviews.
Since then Maher has gigged in The Rosin Dubh, Whelans, Club head Bang Bang, Bewleys Dublin, Cork Jazz Fest, Monroes Galway. With gigs abroad in The Canaba, Hawkes Bay, NZ. San Francisco BAth House in Wellington NZ. Mojos and the Indi Bar as well as the prestigious Fremantle Music Centre in Fremantle WA.

Better to be looking at it than for it right?

Bookings/Press/General Info: danny281282@gmail.com

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