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Punk // Waterford

Emerging as a regional response to what is a very Dublin-centric post-punk revival are manic, Waterford six-piece, 7Levels. Drawing from a variety of heavy influences, 7Levels combine the best of modern Irish punk, noughties garage rock and the band members own previous projects. Mixing experience with youth, the band stretches in age from 20 to 30, amalgamating a diversified range of skills and backgrounds.

Most notably, songwriter-in-chief, Ger Reid is known for his previous projects with drummer, Mike Fox. With Chimpanbee coming to an end late in 2019, 7Levels may be seen as a continuation of what was one of Waterford’s most popular acts. However, while Reid has composed tracks that graciously nod to their indie-rock delicacies, also drawing on his experience with operatic rock group Chew the Scenery, 7Levels weave a radically different, but dramatic and transcendental musical tapestry, floating somewhere between shoegaze and punk.

Recruiting the talents of bassist Cian Dalton, keyboard player Caela Murphy, and Adam Cullen Stafford and Lou Bennett on guitar, the full bodied six-piece have created a sound that reflects and demonstrates a decade worth of musical taste and talent. While Dublin experiences a promising and exhilarating post-punk revival reflected by Ireland’s social difficulties, 7Levels represents a regional response. Coming from Ireland’s forgotten city, this collection of exasperated artists have poured their frustrations into a sincere, enraged, elaborate expression of musical fury.

With several releases planned in the coming months 7Levels are preparing to surface on the Irish recorded and live scene with an explosion of vehemence and musicality. Their debut single Did You Ever Really Listen to Yourself is expected for release on April 17th, 2020.