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Able Archer

Rock // Dublin, Dublin

The alt rock band Able Archer, have spent the last twelve months refining their musical style, creating a fusion of synths and guitars which represents a bold statement of confidence and intent.

'Scars' is the opening salvo, the first single, from their much anticipated debut album coming in October 2016.

Produced by Chris Sheldon of Biffy Clyro & Foo Fighters fame the new single marks the move from accomplished musicians to a band that commands your attention.

"(Ghostmaker) a great track"
Tom Robinson, BBC6

"... (Ghostmaker) is a belter of a tune"
John Barker, 98fm

"This is a band of importance, a band that has the potential to put Ireland straight back to its front centre days enjoyed when Thin Lizzy ruled the world"
Sunset Radio Review

“Ghostmaker leaves you exhausted and basking in another irrepressible slice of Able Archer excellence"
RingMaster Review, London

"Sounds of an early U2"
Ian Dempsey, Today FM

"The Descent, Top 45 songs of 2014"
John Loftus, 8 Radio

Ghostmaker; Tune of the day - "High energy rock with well placed softer indie/pop moments"
2 U I Bestow (Blog of the month, Guardian Nov 2013)

"The subtle synth and electronic sounds provide an extra dimension and colour to their music that sets them apart"

"I can't adequately put into words how strong this EP is... These guys need just one big break and they'll take the country by storm, and then with any luck, the world"

Emmet (lead vocals)
Neil (keys)
Rob (guitar)
Diarm (bass player)
Seán (percussion)

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