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Psychedelic // Cork // he/him

Hausu founder, and producer Jack Corrigan’s solo work as Actualacid focuses on psychedelic music, atmospheric sound design and Internet-age aesthetics, told in an intimate personal setting coloured by his unique sense of humour. His experimental Boredoms series represents an exploration of the limits of his defined solo sound, but his work at the other fringes of the Hausu canon show his versatility and wide range of influences.

Taking sound notes from artists across the spectrum from Nicolas Jaar to Young Thug, taking aesthetic notes across the spectrum from Bandcamp tape labels to nightmarish algorithmically generated YouTube videos, Actualacid acts as a wildcard for Hausu - constantly bounding in new, uncanny directions.

His live show has been turning heads too, finding pre-pandemic slots at the Quarter Block Party festival and venues scattered across Cork. The show finds Corrigan behind a wall of analog synths, samplers and drum machines combing through dozens of disparate musical strands while leaving breathing room for improvisation.

The visual sense of the Actualacid project comes to the fore in the live setting as Corrigan is joined onstage by Hausu cohort Colm Cahalane. Cahalane elevates the proceedings via his laptop and live-coding software HYDRA, yielding unpredictable, novel results. Pulling from a bag of digital tricks through generative, reactive visuals to audience interaction ala Facetime, the Actualacid show consistently finds newer, weirder spaces.

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