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Pop // Kildare

SVEN is an exciting and ambitious newcomer on the Irish pop scene with a determined DIY spirit to his music.

A sharp all-around talent as a writer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, SVEN’s musical journey began in his early teens with a craving to be in a rock band but quickly evolved into him writing and producing his own music. He cites Bon Iver and Jeremy Zucker as early inspirations as well as his love for Rock, Indie & Hip-Hop. With a 4 year degree in music under his belt, coupled with time spent writing in both LA and London, SVEN has worked tirelessly to mould his own distinct take on pop, resulting in a captivating DIY indie aesthetic accompanied by dreamy RnB-esque vocals. SVEN’s ultimate goal with his music is to inspire others to reflect and pursue ambitions.

SVEN released his debut single ‘Shoreditch_’ in July 2020, a personal but inspirational tale of the strength and determination it takes to move outside of your comfort zone to pursue life goals. His follow up single ‘Frustration’ was released in April 2021 which marked the beginning of a big year ahead for him with two more releases 'Spare Tyre' and 'Rewind' receiving acclaim.

SVEN's debut mixtape is due for release in autumn 2022.

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