A Cure for Cold Hands

Dingle/Wexford/Waterford, County Waterford

A Cure for Cold Hands are a two piece band made up of Leo Creighton, from Dingle, who sings lead vocals, plays guitar, piano and ukelele and Kevin O'Donnell, from Wexford, who plays lead guitar, mandolin, percussion and sings backing vocals. A Cure for Cold Hands began in September or October 2010 when Kevin and Leo decided to learn a few covers for busking in Waterford. This quickly evolved when they started to write their own original material. The day that A Cure for Cold Hands was truly born was one day busking on a freezing December day a woman went into Penneys bought two pairs of fingerless gloves and dropped them into the guitar case. That day the band became A Cure for Cold Hands and the name stuck. We have recorded one demo so far and we intend to record more in the near future

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