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Adam Nolan

Jazz // Kilkenny , Kilkenny // He

Known as one of the most fearless and authentic jazz musicians on the free jazz scene. Each album is completely conceptually improvised. Striving to create new scenes and landscapes with a bold edge. His authenticity comes from his modern approach with old school style concepts. A very interesting character and is completely in it for innovation and the pursuance for a new way of creativity to spread throughout the globe. Each show is completely different. These days he also raps on some of his line ups adding accesibility to his free jazz based roots. The shows are influenced by the energy of the environment and the audience. Perfect for festivals as the ever changing sound will never leave the listener bored. An adventure of a lifetime the world has been waiting for. Pure honest raw improvisation. Energy and meditation are the driving force in the philosophy and preparation in this story.

Upcoming Gigs

15th May 2024 18:00 Adam Nolan at Jazz at Juno