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Hip Hop // BELFAST, Antrim

AKA has always lived in Belfast and has had a very eventful and colourful
life. AKA was born in ’87 in Belfast under armed guard. Several
relocations due to death threats and assassination attempts AKA’s father
endured meant his childhood was chaotic.

AKA grew up in Belfast in a paramilitary controlled area with friends and
family involved in drug dealing and major criminality. AKA comes from a
place where serious poverty still exists and regular individuals are drawn
in to serious criminal activity as a means to feed their families.
Throughout all this AKA has been immersed in music all his life
As a producer he has tracks signed to Pukka Up Records in Ibiza
and as a DJ, AKA has played in and does play in Irelands top clubs,
including Coach Banbridge, Secrets Magherafelt, Wright Venue Dublin,
Thompsons Belfast, Filthy McNastys.
Bringing a unique self produced take on UK Rap bred by his upbringing
and the gritty environment he grew up in, AKA is breaking new ground in
Belfast as all round the UK the Rap scene rapidly expands.
other acts similar include
Aitch, Fredo, Giggs, Dave, The Streets, Blade Brown and Slowthai

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