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Experimental // Dublin

Dublin-based Indie-Electronica outfit Akrobat are an art-rock proposition like no-other. Representing a diverse blend of cultures, ages and backgrounds that transcends barriers, Akrobat is the kind of band that resonates with all audiences.

With a strong female lead, a 19-year-old drumming prodigy and influences from Irish, Turkish and Spanish cultures, they embody the contemporary essence of Dublin and Europe, capturing the zeitgeist of the present moment.

Reluctant to be confined to an exclusive style of music, the Dublin-London-based group move between overlapping genres and sounds with agility, from left-field to mainstream to somewhere in between. Akrobat cleverly fuses elements of indie, garage, electronica, new-wave punk, funk and jazz to create a distinct sound metamorphosis.

“Thrillingly modern with Turkish singer Selen Korkutan a star in the making.”
Stuart Clarke, Hot Press.

“If atmospheric jazz tinged pysche mixed with new wave guitars are your thing, you are in for a treat here.”
Paul Fitpatrick, The Goo.

“Future Irish gems”
Eoin O'Donnell. The Irish Times.

“Verlaine is a testament to Akrobat’s virtuosic abilities and their flair for creating sophisticated and modern sounding rock music.”
Wolfgang Egger, NenesButler presents.

“Akrobat are showing just why they deserve your attention (and ears). A band to watch.”
Chase McMullen, Beats Per Minute.

“Jammed Space Movement…a wonderfully sprawling, genre-spanning effort”
Brian Coney, The Thin Air.

Upcoming Gigs

18th July 2024 18:00 Workmans Club - Art Rock showcase Night with Car Park Sci Fi, Dose and Crying Loser