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Alex Boyle

Rap // Newry, Down // He/him

Alex boyle is a 17 year old rap artist from Newry Northern Ireland alex started rap music when he was 15 years old and started off on old playboi carti type beats and Travis Scott beats. As Alex got more into the rap music he started to experiment with different sounds and genres from house to hip hop pop and in 2021 he dropped his first album euphoria to all streaming platforms alex claims that the versatility of the euphoria album is what made it good for people to listen to and to reach different types of people with different music tastes. As Alex went through 2021 he thought what isn’t being done in his own scene and in early 2022 alex dropped his second album EGO and it had a more psychedelic aspect to it with autotune and werid effects and Travis Scott type beats and other trap beats. In 2022 alex started doing shows from mini venues in youth centres and festivals like the newry st Patrick’s day festival and the Afro latino carnival in belfast. Alex started getting a fan base from doing theses shows and fans describe his shows as RAGERS and a rollercoaster of madness and claims anytime alex does a show he puts 110% into the shows and just wants people to escape reality. In 2022 a song off Alex’s album EGO called billinis was up for NI MUSIC PRIZE AWARDS unfortunately alex never won it but it made alex more determined to better and after the news broke he didn’t win alex began to work on one of the most unique albums he would ever do. Alex wanted to really step out his comfort zone and show people he can make a album that’s so unique and new that people would be shocked and in early 2023 alex dropped his 3rd album LIFES A RAGE this album had more of a punk rap and vapour trap aspect and it was a smash hit with the cult fan base as it is now sitting on 12k streams and still growing it really shows alex boyle is one of the hidden gems Ireland has to offer.