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A native of Vilnius, Lithuania, the singer Alicija, has made her life in Dublin, Ireland for the past five years.

Her current repertoire is mainly Jazz, Funk, Soul, RnB, but Alicija also has a strong background in other genres of music, among them Pop, as well as experience in the fields of Rock (Povilas Meskela ir Rojaus Tuzai), Disco (Diskomanija) and Electronic music (Electro-Jazz project).

Her varied careers as a singer, songwriter and actress began in her native land, originating with teenage forays in singing poetry and music competitions, while she was always a regular on the festival circuit in both Lithuania and neighboring Poland.

At the age of 21, she took part in the well-known reality TV show ‘Kelias I Zvaigzdes 3’.

The profile gained here allowed her to release several songs (‘Gaila’, ‘Jeigu tyli reiskia myli’) and commence a successful career in Pop music. Collaboration with her country’s foremost musical producers gave Alicija a much-needed boost.

After having assumed the lead role in Disco band ‘Diskomanija’, Alicija released her first song ‘Kai Pravisksta Angelai’ (When Angels Cry).

Her move to Dublin in 2009 heralded Alicija’s studies in Jazz vocals, songwriting and composition and gave her the opportunity to join a band and start gigging around.

‘All throughout my time doing pop and electronic music, I harboured a secret love for jazz and an ache to perform in this genre for all my friends and fan base’, she now admits.

When not a gigging musician, she also finds time to be variously, actress, model and presenter.

‘The acting started out in a casual fashion! I was still at school and in my free time I enjoyed any roles as an extra in productions put on by the Lithuanian Film Studios! From this, I managed to get work in commercials, and from there progressed into featuring roles in documentary series. It was just an amazing experience for a teenager to perform alongside professionally educated actors!’

After her music career took off in 2007, Alicija was inundated with acting offers in different Lithuanian series. One noted role came her way in 2008: that of Milda in M.Vosylius production ‘My life is beautiful’ (Mano gyvenimas yra grazus), where she played… herself –a popular singer!

Alicija’s life in Dublin is consumed with song-writing and other creative studies.

'Vocal studies with the most fantastic Jenna Harris finally opened my heart for Jazz!'- singer says.

in 2012 she released a song named 'Too much Woman' and 'She's the only one knows how this goes' (both written by M.Byrne) . The latter was featured in US documentary 'Bloom on the sidewalk' (2013).

Together with Maurice she co-wrote a number of songs, performed by herself and other artists. As a project writers, Maurice and Alicija have written for films ( 'Bloom on the sidewalk' ), musicals ('In The Air'), children projects, and a lot of their songs will appear on Alicija's album.

Their latest release 'Washed Out By His Lies' performed by Alicija was an extraordinary success, well accepted not only in Europe but also in US.

Currently Alicija is working on her new album which will be released in 2015.


Alicija - 'Why are Clouds so Blue' (co-write with M.Byrne) 2014;

Alicija - 'Washed Out By His Lies' (co-write with M.Byrne) 2014;

Alicija Bar - 'Four Words From Dublin' (co-write with M.Byrne) 2014;

Alicija Bar - 'Rewind' (co-write with M.Byrne) 2013;

Alicija Bar - 'Will you love me tomorrow' (co-write with M.Byrne) 2013;

Alicija Bar - 'At night' (co-write with M.Byrne) 2013;

Alicija Bar - 'She's the only one knows how this goes' (M.Byrne) 2012;

Alicija Bar - 'Too much woman' (M.Byrne) 2012;

Alicija - Single ‘Kai Pravirksta angelai ‘2009;

Alicija - ‘Gaila’ 2007;

Alicija - ‘Jeigu tyli, reiskia myli’ 2007;

Alicija & Grudas -’ Tik del taves’ 2007;

Diskomanija - ‘ Diskoteka’ 2008;

Diskomanija -‘Kadilakai 2008;

Alicija & Dzimba - ‘Besmegeniai’ 2009.

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