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Alright Chief

Other // Suburbia, Dublin

Alright Chief is comprised of Steve Synnott, Martina Leonard, Rob Rogers, Ken McAllister and Allen Monaghan.

Brought together by an ever intertwining social circle and a desire to "just keep busy" the five pals poured heart and soul into various unrelated activities pausing to make music whenever something good wasn't on the tv or anyone had any prior unavoidable commitments like resolving a hangover, getting pissed or whatever mundane task life had prepared for them on any given day.

Steve Synnott had been writing tunes all by his lonesome for many a year. Squirrelling away in cloudy rooms amassing a giant back-catalogue of tunes unheard.

The advent of myspace gave a lethargic outlet for his tunes which garnered a small audience (of mainly friends - actual, not myspace) whom expressed a desire to form a band around them. Martina, Allen and Ken being chief amongst these. With their encouragement the music gradually made its way out of the clouds and into the real world.

Where it goes from there is anybody's guess.