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Other // MILLIWAYS, Dublin

Gentle touch, gossamer. Finger prints on surface instructions...
Main Stage Veterans of Stadium Sized Innovative Ambient Intonation

When writing, rehearsing and recording with a band there is considerable down time. During this time self indulgent escapist’s pursuits are the main stay to keeping sane. There can be so much adrenaline, elation and ecstasy then suddenly nothing, a vacuum, a cold sweat, a void that permeates, like a hangover in the afternoon.

It is during this time this music was made.


"Obscured by Gift Shop" taken from the 'Kaoss Edge'
BDDJ glorified DJ Set featuring samples from -
Colin Potter / Agnes Bernelle / Drew McDowall
Passengers / Cyclobe / West India Company
BBC Archive / Vince Clarke & Martyn Ware
Amalgamated Wonders of the World
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Donnacha Costello / Maria Daniel
Black Sun Productions / Nirvana
Duran Duran / Thompson Twins
COIL / Nurse with Wound / UN:
Depeche Mode / Psychic TV
etc, etc, etc...

'THE GORE' LIVE@MILLIWAYS - Matériel original