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Alternative // Chapelizod, Dublin // He/Him

‘anemoia’ began on a bedroom floor in 2019, started by a 16 year old Gerald Higgins in Co. Mayo. Taking early inspiration from artists like A.R Kane, Rosetta Stone & Current Joys, ‘anemoia’ released their debut album ‘driving songs’, a necessary Shoegaze portfolio of Roland TR-505 loops & ethereal looped guitar pieces; all created between 2019 -2021. An amateur approach of scaling their sound and stamping a presence before developing further.

After a niche Soundcloud success, the soundscape developed as it turned into a 4-Piece band in October of 2022. Selling out their debut show in the Workman’s Cellar that very month, they have gone on to support many other reputable Dublin acts and have had the honour of headlining venues across the city. With their latest single ‘crutch’ releasing in November of 2023, ‘anemoia’ have more planned for 2024, redirecting their Wall-of-Sound.

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