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Indie // Roscommon, Dublin // she/her

Based in Dublin, singer-songwriter &  multi-instrumentalist ARLENE is an up-and-coming artist who brings diversity to the Irish music scene by blending together the genres of Indie Pop, Alt-rock, Funk & Hip Hop along with a fusion of hybrid beats throughout. 

Having a remarkable voice that is so distinguishable,  ARLENE uses this to her advantage along with the hooks in her melodies, in order to help portray the true emotions of her songs, during both live performance and studio recordings. 

With her debut single 'Light' released on all streaming platforms in September 2018, 2020 seen ARLENE gain national airplay with the release of her second single ‘Send Me Any Sign’ along with a proclaimed music video.

Having a set that explores no musical boundaries and a performance you are guaranteed to remember, as she is renowned for creating high energetic and crowd-engaging gigs, ARLENE is an artist you don’t want to sleep on.

Connect with ARLENE on social media platforms for information on future releases, upcoming gigs & AQUARIUS. x ARLENE Clothing.

Upcoming Gigs

30th October 2021 18:00 Headline Artist
20th November 2021 23:00 Headline Artist

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