County Dublin

ARTGIRL is an emerging Irish artist and producer. Having a classically trained background, ARTGIRL has shed her roots for bigger, more diverse pursuits, moving into the realm of alternative pop. Born in the 90s, in the newly digitised era, she is part of the next generation of artists that grew up with easy access to every source of music. This is evident in her style, which is non-genre specific but arrives at an off-centered pop that incorporates many different elements. ARTGIRL merges substance-driven lyrics that are direct and biographic with lighter, colourful arrangements, which are rooted in rhythm. This is tied together by her clear, unique and versatile voice with nuances that are all her own.

Inspired by a range of artists and genres such as Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, Norah Jones and John Williams, this upcoming artists diverse taste has left no stone unturned. Drawing from her combined influences, ARTGIRL thrives on being able to experiment with her music to capture the emotive essence that draws us all in.

The journey has begun with her debut single “Get Down Let Down” out now! Collaboratively produced with Robbie Malone (known for his work with David Gray). Co-produced, recorded and mixed by Stuart Gray (Ryan Sheridan, Aslan) at Jealoustown Studios. Radio and blogs have already picked up on her release with plays on BBC Introducing, 2FM, Radio Nova and 98FM to name but a few.

With more releases on the way, stay tuned…...



"Debut singles are not allowed to be this good!” - BBC Introducing

“Slick and infectious slice of electro pop” - Stephen Byrne, GoldenPlec

“Very fresh urban sound” - Beat 102-103

“The vocal performance is captivating until the last note……You can say without doubt ‘Get Down Let Down’ is a modern gem” – LeFutureWave

“Very funky and inventive. Sounded fresh and full of ideas” – Jason Collins, 8 Radio

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