A. Smyth

County Dublin

A. Smyth is Dublin born Singer/Songwriter Aaron Smyth.

What some folks have said:

a song-writer in bloom - REMY (Fever)

2fm have added “Coming Back To You” to their Daytime playlist & their “Sound Of The Nation - Magnificent Seven”

"An artist in control of his own sound. A musician who knows exactly how to portray his work, cast against an intimate palette of welcoming music. (Second Moon) - The Last Mixed Tape

"His own atmospheric folk sound as a solo musician." (Be There) - Nialler9

"This debut track marks him as a force to watch for the future" (Into The Darkness) - JOE.ie

I love this track (A. Smyth - Into the Darkness) - BBC Ulster Across The Line

"Smyth's voice is breath-taking" (Second Moon) - Hotpress.ie

"What makes this single stand out from its peers is the deft dip between pop-rock and darker soundscapes" (Into The Darkness) - REMY thebestofmusicandfilm

“The solo career of A. Smyth is starting to take off.’ - JOE.ie Song Of The Day (Coming Back to You)

“A chap who is kind of killing it in the Irish Pop zone now” (Coming Back to You) - REMY thebestofmusicandfilm

"Smyth's voice is breath-taking" - Hotpress

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