BOYLE/GURTEEN, County Roscommon

“There is a lot to admire,…stands out for the right reasons,…a fine rock element”… U&I Music Magazine

“you’ll find yourself humming days later….there could be big things to come from As The Miller Burns”…

MRU Magazine

“A talented bunch of musicians “… CYOF

Born out of the West of Ireland cover band scene, As The Miller Burns came together after growing tired of playing the same soul destroying songs week in, week out. Jamming together they discovered a shared love of rock and grunge and their sound grew organically from there.
Grunge as a genre will always be instantly associated with Nirvana. However, although there are touches of influence from the era defining Seattle trio, As The Miller Burns share more in common with those other grunge powerhouses, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.

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