Enfield, County Meath

Ava Vox (Ava Vox Music) released her latest single “Strange Days” on 5th March 2021.

The single “Strange Days” contains two tracks;

• Tainted Love
• Life on Mars.

The track “Tainted Love” was originally written by songwriter Ed Cobb. Ava Vox decided to rock up the tempo and put more attitude to the classic song.

Vocals by Ava Vox. Piano and Hammond Organ by Ray McLoughlin. Electric Guitar by Daniel Martin and Drums by Jonathan Owens.

The track “Life on Mars” was originally written and performed by David Bowie. Ava Vox performs this classic song with just the accompaniment of piano. Vocals by Ava Vox. Piano and Hammond Organ by Ray McLoughlin.

In October 2020, Ava Vox released her debut single “Love Song.”

The track Love Song was originally written by The Cure. Ava Vox decided to slow down the tempo of the song and performs this classic song with just the accompaniment of piano. Vocals by Ava Vox. Piano by Ray McLoughlin.

Ava Vox worked with Music Producer Ray McLoughlin ( RMC Recording Studios, Kinnegad, County Westmeath) on all tracks. All tracks were recorded and produced working remotely due to the Covid restrictions.

Ava’s song “Love Song” was chosen for rotation on Music One Ireland radio station's feature "Locked Down/Still Rocking' Out" for an entire week, commenced 13th April 2021. Her songs were also recently featured on the Saturday 11-1 Club Show on Kerry Radio (96-98 fm); Tony Bergin “Irish Musicians Hour” New Peoples Movement Radio & Derek Burke's Simply the Decades show, Tomorrow Radio.

Ava Vox, real name Elaine Hannon Blee, was born in Dublin and lives in County Meath since 2010.

Elaine grew up with a strong passion for singing and music, it was always her dream to become a singer.

At the age of 17 she joined a band as backing vocalist and quickly realised she wanted to become a lead vocalist.

Elaine then went on to be the lead singer of the Dublin band “The Seventh Veil.” She was involved in the formation of this band. The Seventh Veil genre was Alternative Rock, with a dash of Punk. The style ranged from slow melodic atmospheric music to upbeat. The Seventh Veil played only original songs, these songs were collectively written by the band.

The Seventh Veil released their first 3 song demo, which was professionally recorded by Shay Byrne in Music Mint, Sandycove. This tape was constantly played on Capital Radio; two songs off the demo were played on the Dave Fanning Show, Radio Two.

The tape was also given an excellent review by Emmet O’Reilly of Hot Press Magazine and Eamonn Carr, the Evening Herald.

The Seventh Veil then went on to win Battle of the Bands competition and their prize was recording time with the renowned and famous Music Producer Paul Thomas (Paul Thomas, Recording Company, Georges Street, Dublin). Paul Thomas worked along with many well-known artists, such as U2 in the early stages, Kate Bush, Clannad and more. Paul Thomas produced their second demo tape “Painted Faces.”

The Seventh Veil was now a busy gigging band, doing headline in many music venues such as Baggot Inn, the Under Ground, The Fox & Pheasant, Slattery’s, the Earl Grattan & more. Also participating in music events such as the free band concerts “Seven Up/Dublin Corporation Rock Platform Series” in Merrion Square Park, Jervis Street Park, Dublin & more. The Seventh Veil had developed a strong fan base and were going places.

Then with a heavy heart Elaine had to leave The Seventh Veil. It was one of the hardest decisions she had to make in her life, to leave the band that she loved being a part of and put her singing career on hold. This was out of her control, due to family reasons, Elaine took a sabbatical from music but promised herself that she would one day return.

Elaine returned back to her passion singing and was ready to give her all to music again and fulfil her life-long passion to be a lead singer. Elaine worked hard over the last three years to build up her confidence again as a singer/performer.

Elaine became lead singer with a new band for a while but decided to leave the band to go solo as an artist and formed “Ava Vox Music” in September 2020.

From the moment Ava Vox’s debut single “Love Song” was released, her music and her singing continue to receive amazing reviews.

Ava Vox is currently working on more exciting music projects and plans to release more songs soon and hopes to perform on stage this year.

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