Dublin, County Dublin

Not all people are born artists but not all people are Baba.

Siobhan Lynch aka Baba is more than a singer – songwriter, more than a poet, more than a visual artist. Baba lives her art every day, with every fibre of her being. She is a truly exceptional creative.

Since bursting onto the Irish music scene in 2018, Baba’s unique, soulful voice, eclectic songwriting and captivating live shows have placed her as one not to miss.

Baba’s live appearances across the country including The Electric Picnic and Castlepalooza have left audiences in the palm of her hand, calling for more.

All bona fide artists use their talents for good, Baba shows this to be true as a mental health activist, speaking her truth in her sublime single ‘Hold On Tight’.

In 2019, she also teamed up with photographer, Hazel Coonagh, and jeweller, Jenny Cassin from And if I was Yours, for the sale of exclusive care packages, with all proceeds going to the Oasis Centre for counselling in North Dublin.

With a string of singles under her belt, Siobhan Lynch has given her audience a glimpse of her exceptional talent. She is now in songwriting mode and in the studio, working with a new producer for releases later in 2020.

Auditory delights await.

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