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Back To Winnipeg

Indie // Galway, Galway

Back to Winnipeg is a 4 piece indie rock band from Galway comprised of 3 alternating frontmen and drummer. With influences as varied as the La’s, LCD Soundsystem, and Britney Spears, the common denominators for the group are the vibrancy and dynamism that inform their live show. The band’s ability to swap between styles and maintain a light-hearted, cohesive energy is central to the set and to their identity as a whole. Engaging and considered without taking itself too seriously.

Typifying their DIY ethos, the self-produced live EP ‘Sofa Sessions’ was recorded in the band’s living room and released in November 2022.

Their latest single, ‘Slowdown’ is out now!

- That’s it! Back to Winnipeg!

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