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Bannered Mare

Alternative // Galway, Roscommon

Introducing Bannered Mare, a powerhouse band on a mission to ignite stages and captivate audiences with their electrifying blend of Post rock,emo, and Math rock,. Born from a shared love of music and a desire to make a lasting impact, Bannered Mare delivers a high-energy performance that leaves audiences craving more.

With a sound that defies categorization & drawing inspiration from their diverse musical influences and personal experiences, the band's music is a reflection of the human experience—full of passion, emotion, and unbridled energy.

At the heart of Bannered Mare's sound is their undeniable chemistry and camaraderie as a band. Comprised of seasoned musicians with a shared vision and dedication to their craft, Bannered Mare brings a level of authenticity and raw energy to the stage that is truly unmatched.

With their sights set on the horizon and a slew of new music on the horizon, Bannered Mare is poised to make their mark on the music world and cement their status as one of the most exciting bands to emerge in recent years