Newbridge, County Kildare

Bazuki is cross between bouzouki, a Greek lute and Bazooka, a portable rocket launcher. This may not be relevant to our musical style but we do like to mix the very loud and inflammatory with the more melodic.

The band consists of siblings George Longwill (guitar, vocals), Sophie Longwill (drums) and Sean Reid on bass. Our musical style is probably closest related to grunge although we like to put in some added elements of funk, blues, pop or whatever else takes our fancy.

"Kildare trio Bazuki do not disappoint"-Jackie Hayden, Hotpress

"An energetic live performance"-Kildare Nationalist

"Bazuki could be the band that may very well save what you and I know as rock and roll. A band of behemoth proportions, lyrical guile and an approach to making records that borders on the very essence of freedom of expression."
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