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Bear Worship

Indie // Dublin, Dublin

Bear Worship is a celebration. It's about positivity and realism, love and friends, passion and nostalgia, overcoming superstitions and bullshit mindsets. It's about us all oscillating at different frequencies, our lives in orbit about scattered stars. While everything is ultimately a waste of time, what a wondrous waste of time that is.

The back bone of the Bear worship sound is drums and bass guitar, and layered above are swathes of synthesizer arpeggios, guitar, harmonies, and topped off with soaring vocals. Sonically it lies somewhere between Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective, with other touch stones being Deerhunter, St Vincent, John Carpenter, Air, Tame Impala, and the Beach Boys. The songs were written and recorded between Bear Worship's home studio and Stephen Shannon's (Adrian Crowley, the Late David Turpin) Experimental Audio.


" four/five listens in, it’s one of the best tracks from an Irish solo artist we’ve heard in ages."

"Big on ambition, and constantly looking to evolve and change direction the song is a compelling listen from start to finish, as it carries across its varied stylistic flourishes in a well-crafted way."

"a vivid cornucopia of sonic delights."

"like Antony Hegarty hitting high notes while Beach House play a starry-eyed indie cover of Berlin's Take My Breath Away."

"Shimmerings mixes classic pop harmonies with electronic synthesizer lines."


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