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beat up car

Indie // Belfast, Antrim

There is something magnetic about beat up car, the indie rock brainchild of Belfast based, Armagh bred, Matt Irwin and Oisin Jayat. The songwriting duo reveal personal minutiae within their songs that make them entirely authentic and vulnerable at the same time.

There is an instant gratification to hear a frontman like Irwin lay himself so bare, creating a connection between musician and listener when he tells them home truths like ‘lately I’ve been barely holding on’. In beat up car, their fans have a band who reflect themselves back at them, a mirror for their deepest thoughts and feelings. A safe space to scream your head off, or cry your heart out.

At times hinting at bombastic arena-emo, occasionally stripped back to melancholic hymns, beat up car’s DNA feels more in tune with Philadelphia’s DIY scene than Belfast, yet also seems to fit.

With only two releases under their belt so far, there is already a feeling that this band will mean something for all those who hear them. That original desire for self expression remains at the core of what they do.

The band have been lucky enough to take part in The Oh Yeah Music Centre’s, “Scratch My Progress” talent development program and their latest single “you need help (but you have to want it)” will feature on their 2023/24 compilation due for release 13th March 2024.

Following this the band have a slew of songs, recorded and primed to release throughout 2024 and a goal set to play as many shows, festivals and get their music out to as many people who are willing to listen.