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Becky McNeice

Pop // Belfast, Antrim // She / her / they / them

Existing within the cross-section between alternative pop and mainstream sensibility, Becky McNeice represents the new wave of Northern Ireland as mentioned in the Belfast Telegraph. Distinct, heartfelt and with an ear for sad, glitter-littered lyricism, she is uniting the worlds of Pinkpantheress/Biig Piig-styled breakbeat-pop with her own characteristic, bedroom/hyper-pop friendly addictiveness, ear marking her as one of the most exciting artists to emerge from Ireland in recent years.
Breaking onto the scene with single Long Days – which garnered support from Spotify editorial playlists New Music Friday UK and New Pop UK, in addition to also being playlisted on Vogue and H&M and gathered over 60,000 plays. This created a buzz around the young artist landing a page in the UK Daily. With Becky, the beauty is in the small details. Her lyrics aren’t overly complicated by any stretch of the imagination, but there is an irresistible charm to their subtle nature and delivery. Becky’s ability to transform the simplest phrase into a moment of complete inward contemplation and self-thought is not only a beautifully intimate quality, but its honest and genuine delivery ensures that it is entirely believable. Internet-kid sonics delivered through a contemporary lens. Becky's solo EP 'Phases' funded by PRS Women in Music debut on the 3rd March.

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