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Indie // Dublin

Hailing from Meath/Dublin, five-piece indie-folk group Between//Roads are proud to
announce the February 26th release of their new single, ‘Blue Eyes’. Following the
widely-acclaimed 2019 release of the band’s debut EP ‘All Who Wander’ and 2020’s
‘Tape sessions’, ‘Blue Eyes’ is a track which began as something totally different to the finished project.

Blue Eyes' follows the release of B//R's well received 2019 EP 'All Who Wander,' and their 2020 lockdown project 'Tape Sessions'. The group are now thrilled to return with 'Blue Eyes', a new track which captures the band at their best.

'Blue eyes' was written in an effort to make something of a strong hook and lyric-line that we had come up with some years ago dealing with the relationship between hope and hopelessness. It was a song that nearly got canned a few times because we couldn't find a chorus-line to do justice to the strong verse and pre-chorus we had originally written. It was one of those songs that wouldn't leave us alone, always calling us back to it, until one night we gave it one final try, and what we wrote became this great song.

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