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Folk // Dublin, Dublin

Birdwoman proudly presents her long awaited debut album
'And Then The Day Came'
Out 10/4/019.

The follow up to her 2014 EP 'Ghosts' and her first full length release, "And Then The Day Came” (A Crackin Album, " Wallis Bird) is a genre bending rabbit hole journey through acoustic folk pop numbers, ethereal, bluesy ballads and gypsy punk electric guitar sounds. From apathy to female empowerment, it is a powerful manifesto from start to finish. Recorded under heightened circumstances in the lead up to throat surgery in 2017, it came together quickly and without much forward planning and over thinking. The songs were a collection she had written over 15 years. They are the voices of all the girls she was, and the woman she has become, telling stories of innocence, death, loss, love, liberation, philosophy and Wesley.

Although the operation was a great success with no apparent damage to her vocal chords, her voice took most of 2017 to come back. It was a dark time for the singer who began to question what she would do next if she couldn't sing anymore. She began making art and film and a whole new world of visual art opened up. She made two music videos and a wholes series of artwork for her album. She slowly returned to the scene in 2018 playing a series of small and intimate gigs while she rediscovered herself as a performer and learned how to sing her album again. Right now she is building her live show through small and intimate gigs and preparing to take her album to a global audience.

Her unique sound is whats sets her apart and makes her an artist of great discovery and style. She will not be pigeonholed. She creates her genre as she writes. She has been compared to the likes of Kate Bush, Laura Marling, Wallis Bird and Grace Slick all rolled into one.

Her EP 'Ghosts' (2014)( Kellie Marie Reynolds) produced by Ross Turner ( I am The Cosmos)
and Simon Cullen (Synth Eastwood, Lasertom, Ships) was released to critical acclaim in October 2014.
" contains a fine clatter of ideas and well-worked lyrics....' (Jim Carroll, Irish Times)

....."a great elegance in her note selection; she’s brave about where she lays emphasis, creating a great sense of witchcraft in the song – as if she’s singing straight from the heart of Salem" (Golden Plec )

"She brings a magical flavour to the female folk-pop sound, with distinct charm"
(Golden Plec)

Available on itunes, Spotify and Bandcamp

"and now I see
it's all just a cosmic game
now if you asked me
i'd quite simply tell you
and then the day came"

Birdwoman x