Malahide, County Dublin

We are blondmodel, Sean and Steven, 2 young lads from Dublin. We are both friends and musicians since primary school but only started making music in 2019, when we released our debut single ‘Phonecall’. Back then we weren’t sure how well it would be received and thought it would possibly fall into obscurity on Spotify. Surprisingly, it picked up pace very quickly and we immediately realised that we wanted focus completely on music as our sound seemed to resonate with people with 0 marketing or promo at all. We even began to see fan made videos on YouTube for different songs and started followers on social media. With this encouragement, we began honing our alternative pop sound. We play everything instrument that you hear, produce it all ourselves and people continue to respond in the same way. We take influence from anywhere, and always try to introduce something new to each song so it’s just that extra bit unique. After a year, with a few more releases under our belts, we have just over 1.3 million streams and Spotify Editorial Playlisters seem to love our sound after including us in:

- ‘Alternative Eire’
- ‘Breathe of Fresh Eire’
- ‘New Pop UK’
- ‘Fresh Finds’
- ’New Music Friday UK’
- ‘Chilled Pop Hits’
- ‘Lo-fi Indie’
- ‘Indie Dancefloor’
- ‘The Lovely Little Playlist’
- “Evening Indie’
- “Office Stereo’

We should be gigging right now, having been reached out to by Aiken and MCD for debut headline shows, but while organising this COVID arrived to Ireland, so we are facing the issues all artists face right now.

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