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Pop // Meath

‘Blood Donor’ is an alt-pop artist based out of Dublin. His debut single is called ‘Bienvenue’ and, true to its name, is a glittering, technicolour welcome into his sonic world. Opening to the squawk of radio static and soft-drink adverts from the 80s, ‘Bienvenue’ quickly picks up pace and never lets up from there. Laser synths and classic soul samples swing out of every corner until you’re suddenly dropped into a chorus of pure pop euphoria. It’s a genre-blending melting pot as intriguing as it is infectious.

‘The music I make draws from a wide variety of reference points and styles. The genre doesn’t really matter to me; if a song has something undeniable going on then that’s what draws me in. I’ve always loved artists with Trojan Horse melodies; you know, a gorgeous tune surrounded by left-field or unexpected instrumentation. The kind of song where it takes a little bit of time to digest, but before you know it you find yourself hammering the repeat button, unable to shift the melody from your mind. That’s what I was aiming for with this one.’

The rest of Blood Donor’s upcoming material adheres to this philosophy. The distorted electric pianos and four-to-the-floor of ‘Sisters and Brothers’, the tinkling piano loops of the sombering ‘Waking Up In the Emergency Room’, the juddering trip-hop of ‘She Gives Me Power’; these are songs crammed with sonic detail and invention but anchored by undeniable melodies.

‘Bienvenue’ has received extensive airtime on national radio stations like 2FM, TodayFM, 98FM and many other regional Irish stations and has also enjoyed considerable support with Irish media outlets including Nialler 9, Goldenplec, Hot Press etc. He will release his second single 'Under the Sun' on June 26th. Welcome to his world.

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