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Blue Deputy

Indie // Belfast, Antrim

Blue Deputy is a midwest emo/bedroom pop band originally from Philadelphia, PA and now based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Starting off as a project by vocalist/guitarist Andy Bunting, the group became a two-piece with drummer Brody Hamilton, later adding bassist Drew Rackie and guitarist Grant Claytor to their live show. The band released a string of demos throughout the pandemic in 2020, as well as their debut double-single “New Jersey/I Hate Steven Singer”, cultivating a fan base in the emo scene with music being reminiscent of scene legends such as Algernon Cadwallader and Marietta. Their first live show took place in 2021 at Philly venue Underground Arts, playing to a sold out crowd of 600 people alongside fellow bands in the growing “fifth-wave emo” genre, before embarking on an east coast US tour shortly after. In 2022, Andy moved to Northern Ireland, bringing the band back with new member Caoilfhinn McFadden on bass, with a new live show and music on the way.

“​​Blue Deputy explores the tender spaces of relationships that can only be observed as you’re living them. Look no further than the gorgeous double New Jersey / I Hate Steven Singer for two catchy emo-flavored bedroom pop songs that sparkle and glisten like the glitter on a freshly-uncapped gel pen.” - Taylor Grimes, Swim Into The Sound

Profile picture credit: Mollie McKay