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Hip Hop // Dublin, Dublin // He/Him

Bogzy, a former pivotal member of the innovative Dublin based collective NUXSENSE, is known for his distinct flavour which can be heard in tracks such as "Taste". Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Dublin Bogzy's journey into music began around 8 years ago when he joined NUXSENSE. Prior to joining NUXSENSE, Bogzy was known for enjoying writing poetry by his NUXSENSE peers, which encouraged him to pursue a career into writing music and offered him a perfect platform to showcase this through shows and much more.

As of now Bogzy, although still making music with NUXSENSE members he is focused on developing his solo career. Although with NUXSENSE Bogzy has mainly been a boom-bap artist, he is now experiencing his sound and as of late he is been working on more trap sound-like sounds, and much of his new stuff is scheduled for release throughout of summer of 2024.

Bogzy, has been much influenced by NUXSENSE members which he has a great workload with throughout projects such as " A sacred journey through the golden path" which he had a solo song named "BITTERSWEET" but also on project, "NEVER ALONE DEMOS".

Bogzy's aim is to offer people a unique experience through his distinct sound and always ensures to be his authentic self in achieving this.

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