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Electronica // Carlow

....old skool electronica where influences begin with the letters TD, KS, FSOL, BoC and JMJ.....

Bouvetøya is the avatar of electronic musician and producer Michael Jones; his style is mainly Berlin School fused with ambient soundscapes.

Bouvetøya’s new album INTERSTELLARPHONIC is available exclusively through German EM label SynGate Records, which is well known for its impressive stable of Berlin School influenced artists from around Europe.
Bouvetøya’s previous album SUBTRACTIVATE is also available from SynGate Records.


"It's (Subtractivate) an album where the references to Tangerine Dream, Rubycon and Phaedra era, abound throughout a first very promising album from the band Bouvetoya. A name that we should keep in memory"
Sylvain Lupari // Synths and Sequences // Dec 2013

"The 60 minutes of “Interstellarphonic” is balancing between the mesmerizing charm of retro Berlin School and the most hypnotic one of New Berlin School. We are at a sonic crossroads where Schulze and Tangerine Dream are meeting the more hypnotic moods of Software and Pyramid Peak"
Sylvain Lupari // Synths and Sequences // Sep 2014

Top Ten Nominee // Best Newcomer // 2013 Schallwelle Award for Electronic Music (Germany)

Listed as Preliminary Nominee for:
Best International Artist // Best International Album - Interstellarphonic // 2014 Schallwelle Award for Electronic Music (Germany)

GIGS 2015
Bouvetøya recently performed in the UK at the Awakenings event in July