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Boy M5

Alternative // Donegal

Introducing Boy M5, a compelling presence in Ireland's pop-rock realm, now led by passionate powerhouse Kyle O’Neill. Emerging from the heart of Derry, Boy M5 has carved a niche with their rich, emotive sound that weaves love, loss, and resilience into a tapestry of powerful musical expression.

Their debut at Derry's iconic Nerve Center marked the beginning of a journey that melds Ireland's musical tradition with a fresh, modern edge, drawing inspiration from luminaries like Dermot Kennedy and Glen Hansard. This fusion creates an authentic and resonant experience for their audience.

Born amidst the challenges of the Covid pandemic, the band discovered a profound synergy that propelled their ascent. The subsequent years brought both triumph and tragedy, notably marked by the loss of Paul, whose spirit and artistry were integral to Boy M5's essence. Paul's musicianship and presence were foundational to the band, and his passing has deeply influenced their path, infusing their music with a poignant sense of homage and purpose.

Boy M5 has graced stages with Ireland's musical elite, making significant impressions at key venues and festivals. Highlighted by the Irish Times as one of the Top 20 Acts to Watch in 2024 and headlining Stendhal Festival, Boy M5's trajectory continues to rise, echoing their growing influence in the music world.

Now, as we embrace 2024, Kyle steers Boy M5 forward, channeling the band's collective spirit and the indelible mark left by Paul. With new music on the horizon and an upcoming tour, Boy M5 invites fans to join their journey, offering a blend of dynamic performances and deeply felt narratives that promise to engage and inspire. Stay tuned as Boy M5 continues to evolve, paying tribute to their roots and the profound legacy of their cherished bandmate, Paul.