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BP Fallon & The Bandits

Rock // Dublin, Dublin

BP Fallon & The Bandits

BP Fallon – vocals
Aaron Lee Tasjan – electric & acoustic guitars/piano/birorhythms
Nigel Harrison – bass guitar
Clem Burke – drums/percussion

Formed following BP Fallon's debut single I Believe In Elvis Presley produced by Jack White for Third Man Records (TMR 022).

Says BP "I just thought 'I've got a record produced by the coolest man in rock'n'roll who also plays guitar on it, I should have a band'. So I made three phone calls - called Aaron and Nigel in New York and Clem in LA - and everyone said yes. Then I went 'Oh my God, what have I done now? I'm the singer in a band!'"

Fallon is no newcomer to the hurdy gurdy world of music, being regarded as a rock'n'roll sage - he was publicist to Led Zeppelin, managed former New York Doll Johnny Thunders and toured with U2 as 'Guru, Viber & DJ'. He's namechecked as 'Purple Browed Beep' in the T.Rex hit Telegram Sam - BP was media guru to Marc Bolan and chums, even coining the term 'T.Rextasy' - and could be seen turning up on television miming bass guitar with John Lennon. Indeed, Fallon's first gig when moving from Dublin to London was at The Beatles' Apple Records where one of his jobs was testing Paul McCartney's grass. Life's like that.

And now, BP Fallon rock'n'roll singer. "I didn't plan this, it just happened. Did I have a secret yearning all along to do this? No, I've always been more than happy with what I'm doing. Do I wish I'd done this 100 years ago? No, because then I wouldn't have been able to have the other adventures that I've had, which have been amazing. I'm doing this backwards, which is perfect".

The Bandits are hardly unknowns, either. Aaron Lee Tasjan played guitar with the reformed New York Dolls when they toured South America and bass guitarist Nigel Harrison was a member of Blondie, writing the Blondie hits One Way Or Another and Union City Blue with Debbie Harry. And Clem Burke on drums - in Blondie to this day and one of the most celebrated drummers in the world. "Clem likes playing with people who's names begin in 'B'" notes BP. "Blondie, Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson... and The Bandits".

The debut album Still Legal by BP Fallon & The Bandits - recorded at Red Horse Ranch Studio in Austin - is due out shortly on their own Vibrosonic Records and features guests like Ian McLagan of the Small Faces/Faces on Hammond organ. "Someone said 'Oh, you should have a sticker on the album saying 'Contains three members of The Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame!' - Nigel and Clem and Ian - but I think not, let the music speak for itself".

What's BP's message to the world? "Well, I can't do better than John Lennon so his words from All You Need Is Love are perfect - 'Nothing you can do that can't be done'".