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Grunge // cork city, Cork

Brainwave was formed when Garry and Eoghan started jamming in February of 2013.
Later the duo met drummer , Dave Hurley who was asked to join the band at a later stage.
This was the first official formation of the band.
The band was a threepiece up until summer of 2013 , when the threepiece asked Lizzie Foley to join the formation.

The band had their first ever gig in late July , 2014.

Unfortunately , as the summer of '14 came to an end , Dave had to leave the band to attend university in Dublin.

The band had no choice but to be a threepiece again for a while until current drummer Oovay joined the band .

Since then , the band started to get more active in having monthly gigs in Cork City.

In june 2015 the band just recorded there first ep called 'through thick and thin', and will be releasing the album at the end if the month. it has seven orginal song written by the band and we look forword for the future.

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