Breda Larkin

Ballinasloe, County Galway

I'm a 30 year old musician/comedy actor from Ballinasloe. I divide my time between Galway and Kinsale, Co.Cork. My love for music started as a child when I would entertain my older sister with the latest Christy Moore songs. My love for songs is probably greater that the music itself. I love the storytelling in the songs combined with the music that help bring you on a journey. I wrote my first song when I was about 20. I have been writing steady since but not enough yet for a full album by any means. I enjoy the art of performing. I love been on stage. It doesn't phase me a bit, which is a huge advantage initiating first getting up on that stage and singing the songs that are in your heart. My biggest fear is the quality of my songs and music because I have low confidence about my musical ability. This is something I'm working on, ultimately by singing them in public. Ok that's enough about me.. let's talk about you...

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