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Pop // Burnchurch, Kilkenny

Burnchurch, a young family band from Kilkenny, are poised to enchant listeners worldwide with their captivating melodies and rich harmonies. Following a string of successes, including composing the acclaimed soundtrack "Ringwalk" for the Katie Taylor fight in 3Arena, and crafting the 2023 Kilkenny hurling Anthem, Burnchurch is set to release their debut EP, titled 'Maidin' (Morning/Dawn) on April 5th 2024.

What sets Burnchurch apart is not just their talent, but their unwavering commitment to their craft. This talented family band writes, arranges, records, and produces their own music, seamlessly blending elements of Rock/Pop, Jazz and Traditional Irish music. Their repertoire showcases their instrumental virtuosity and bilingual prowess, as they effortlessly sing in both English and their native Irish language.

With their forthcoming 5 track EP, "Maidin," Burnchurch offers a glimpse into their musical universe. Each track is a testament to their boundless creativity, infectious energy and eclectic musical influences.

Band member Éanna Ó Casaide reflects on the band’s evolving journey towards the creation of the EP, saying "As a band, our journey began busking on the Parade by the Castle in Kilkenny. But it was during the first lockdown that we began to create original music. Many of the tracks on our EP 'Maidin' began to take shape then and throughout the last couple of years. This is a flavour of our music, and a forerunner to a full album later in the year."

Burnchurch are: Sadhbh (21) - Fiddle, Vocals | Éanna (18) - Keys, Uileann Pipes, Vocals | Síofra (20) - Flute, Keys, Vocals | Ruairí (16) - Bass Guitar, Uileann Pipes, Vocals

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