County Cork

~ is an experimental artist/singer/producer who uses spoken word and singing to deliver the messages from his songs. The music itself is broken into two components - the instrumental is electronic influenced by different genres, for example, Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae and alternatives. The instrumentals themselves are pieces composed and produced to capture and create an ambiance to portray the feeling of the song/message. The instrumental piece is aimed to create a nostalgic feeling and set the mood for the message of the lyrics.
The lyrics are delivered by spoken word/rhythm and poetry/singing/etc. The lyrics from BuXy are based on personal experiences and influences of his life. The lyrics are true and real and the meaning of sharing the lyrics with an audience is to allow people to relate to them and let them know that other people also feel and share common experiences, thoughts and emotions.

BuXy - was born Adam Peerbux, 1st March 1989 in Slough, England and moved to Cork, Ireland in 2000.
Any other info you want to know you can ask on Facebook @ Adam Peerbux.

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