Dublin, County Dublin

Cadatharla, a concatenation of the Irish for "What happened".

Cadatharla formed in late 2007 and is still comprised of it's original line-up.

Robert George, aka Big Bad Bobby G, aka Papa Ro-Jo
Our talented drummer and old man of the band. Born in Texas, he was heavily influenced by the Austin sound.

The unconventional bassist and vocalist. Teebear has a strong background in classical music and plays several instruments, the Bass guitar being the latest addition. Her classical training stands her in good stead as her melodic and often surprising bass lines will testify.

Our Rhythm guitarist and vocalist.
Paddy cut his teeth on classic rock and punk numbers giving him the stamina to play epic rhythm pieces, later he had the influence of swing and reggae foisted upon him by the band in order to round his education. His new found versatility is astounding.

Random musician and vocalist.
Frankly is mostly to be found with a guitar in his hands, a whistle in his pocket, a kazoo around his neck and a drum at his feet.

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