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Canned Pineapple

Rock // Cork, Cork // They/them

Canned Pineapple is a 5-piece scuzz-pop and slacker rock group based in Brighton. The quintet consists of the songwriting partnership of Seán Drury and Oakley Gardiner alongside multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer Jude Allenby, guitarchitect visionary Gabe Rice and master of the rhythm stick Charlie Pringle

A band of brothers waggin out. Canned Pineapple is the result of interplanetary telekinesis between the great beyond and the great norm.

Having released their self-titled debut EP online and on vinyl, via Goo Records, the awesome fivesome have toured across the UK and Ireland in their Nissan Micra, conquering some of England and Irelands most important grassroots venues. Including tireless performances at The Edge of the Sea Festival at Concorde 2 in Brighton supporting The Wedding Present and Cyprus Avenue in Cork supporting The Love Buzz, the band continue to energise audiences worldwide and supplant todays music scene.

Canned Pineapple have already been booked for New Colossus in New York City and Left of The Dial in Rotterdam. Without a doubt ready to tear up the festival circuit in 2024.