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Hip Hop // Dublin, Dublin

Dublin Hip-Hop / R&B producer and artist Carsten2X has a big year ahead in 2023 following the success of his 2022 releases on Paragon Records. Exuding confidence and humour in equal measure, Carsten regrouped with producer / mixer Richard Furch (Tobi Lou, Frank Ocean, BJ the Chicago Kid) on these streaming-friendly tracks. His live performances have also become shows of renown as he collaborates with artists such as Khakikid, Bricknasty and others within the Irish Hip-Hop / R&B scene.

Of his single Pearls, Carsten2X commented:

“When I was writing Pearls I was kinda stressing out about a lot of shit. I had all these songs but I’m there being a perfectionist (not to sound egotistical but just being picky with my own beats, and the type of music I’m making) and I was overthinking how to make my own sound. I actually do grind my teeth (no cap in my raps). And just venting about being an over thinker.”

Speaking about the writing and production process, Carsten2X says:

“I think I’ve balanced out like two sides of the stuff I make, from R&B / HipHop to my hard drive of old indie rockish type demos. Pearls is a funny one, I actually wrote the hook and 1st verse 2 years ago. I just had this original demo track with these crunchy guitars for a while, had a couple of different versions where I was messing around with it, until I got to the final version which is kind of a mix of all them. But it’s funny, when I got to writing the second verse and rewriting some bits, a couple of months ago, I fell back in with the track, like sometimes you have to leave a track for a bit. The things on my mind back then I can relate to now in a different way, and I tried to continue with in the second verse.”

Carsten2X continues in 2023 the way he finished 2022 with more new music set for release across the year.

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