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Carswell & Hope

Alternative // Limerick

Irishman Nick Carswell fronts alternative rock 4-piece based in Lawrence, Kansas. Taking cues from Wilco, Glen Hansard and Sufjan Stevens, Carswell & Hope mix vintage rock sounds, vocal harmonies and deft songwriting to create a new yet familiar sound with folk and rock influences, and epic moments.

Carswell & Hope came together when Irishman Nick Carswell arrived in Lawrence, Kansas with his guitar in tow. Fresh from the debut release with his outfit The Elective Orchestra, the Irish singer-songwriter was eager to find a new musical outlet to provide the soundtrack to his new US adventure. This is where Jason Slote (drums), Austin Quick (bass/keys) and Jordan Tucker (guitar) came together and Carswell & Hope was born. The band's latest offering is the 6 track EP Exit Plan, hailed for its "tenacious, magnified sound" (90.9 The Bridge)

With a clear appreciation for the sounds of classic rock, from The Beatles to Neil Young, the band's tone is a blend of psychedelic, Pink Floyd interrupting Motown, channelling Van Morrison and Wilco. Think Mumford & Sons meet Sigur Ros and Glen Hansard shows them around town.

Carswell & Hope bring vintage sounds and sensibilities with big harmonies, carefully crafted textures and inventive songwriting. Afraid neither of a good old-fashioned rock tune or an epic sweeping opus, Carswell & Hope are a new sound, fresh from the plains of Kansas.

"Its refreshing to uncover somebody like Carswell who is prepared to think, write and play outside the box."
Hot Press magazine