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Rock // Wexford, Wexford

Having spent many years as a session and touring musician for original acts in Ireland around the world (Red Lunacy, The Jades, Saints of Descent, Tortured Artists Social Club), i decided to settle down and make the music that i felt in my bones. I hate the term 'singer/songwriter' because it evokes thoughts of plucky acoustic songs about unrequited love and over-use of the word 'baby' (and wearing of fedoras) but i write, play (most) of the instruments and record myself, so the shoe reluctantly fits...

I describe my music as irony laden unpopular pop, or funky grunge (Funge? Grunk?). It's got a sexy, gritty rock attitude but with a soul/R&B heart. 'But where is the irony' i hear you cry? In my lyrics I like to play with perspective, for example in 'Send Nudes' i take on the mantle of a man falling desperately in lust with someone he's never met in real life (an ode to modern dating).

You've probably not read this far but it's gotten good to me now so i'm going to keep going.

So what's my goal? I love to create music. I aspire to a day where i can make enough money from music for music to pay for itself. A low bar, but lets be realistic - I just want to create and buying a song, streaming a song 50, 000 times or buying a t-shirt/badge etc. really helps me to make fun music that i really hope you'll enjoy.

Obviously i've not thought this all through properly but i'll be back soon to write something far more engaging and linear!

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Frunge, Grunk