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Casanova Jackal

Indie // Buncrana, Donegal // He/Him

Casanova Jackal is a music project created by Irish/Filipino multi-instrumentalist and producer, Sean Meaney in 2019. Born September 3rd 1999, from a quite a young age his interest in music and performance was obvious, regularly taking the spotlight at family gatherings to sing and dance for entertainment. Growing up he would spend some of his free time taking part in acting camps and performing in school plays and musicals. At age 14 after discovering the musical beauty of the 60’s with artists like Jimi Hendrix, Queen, The Beatles and Otis Redding he began playing guitar and started developing his taste in rock, soul and funk that would eventually lead him to broaden his music taste with folk, jazz and indie music.
This broadening of musical taste started at 15 when he became an avid listener of his discover weekly playlist on Spotify allowing him to discover music he’d have never been able to find alone. Today as well as being a huge fan of the old sound of 60’s and 70’s he’s heavily influenced by Indie artists such as Mac Demarco, Alice Phoebe Lou, Oracle Sisters and Feng Suave.

The “Casanova Jackal” name was initially created as a larger than life stage name for Sean to perform covers under at his local open mic, “Open Mic at The Roisín Dubh” in Galway. He also started busking in 2019 which helped him to develop his skills as a live performer. During lockdown he began taking song writing more seriously as well as learning music production along with his own bass and drums. Throughout the second lockdown he began busking again and began playing with a band, entertaining the crowds of lockdown restricted tourists and students throughout the summer.

After spending the last of his 2021 summer in Berlin, performing in the streets and in small venues and restaurants, he moved to his home house in Buncrana to set up his own recording studio and continue producing music. Influenced by the sound of his 60’s, 70’s and Indie heroes he creates Indie-rock music blended with genres like jazz, soul and folk and performs locally in Buncrana and Derry. He is currently working on his first EP having finished his first single “You were never really there”.

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