Cat Lundy

County Dublin

Cat Lundy

Cat Lundy is a singer/songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. She is a classically trained singer of The Royal Academy of Music.

Cat loves the Blues - growing up she was influenced by her parent's old record collection, which included an eclectic mix ....Nina Simone, Bob Dylan , Maria Callas, Otis Redding..

Cat discovered early on that music could heal your soul... She is a self-taught guitarist and a prolific songwriter:
'I find writing music is a lot cheaper than a therapist - every time I perform a
song I have written , it is cathartic for me and self healing'

Cat believes that music can change the world around us, even if it is just for three and a half minutes!
Cat has played in London, New York (The Bitter End) and Los Angeles venues.

In 2016 she has found her 'sound' and will be releasing a debut album in early 2017!

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