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Electronica // Cork City, Cork

CerebralFX is the moniker of 23yo Joe Winfield - An Electronic Producer from Cork City IE.

He’s been making music since the beginning of 2011, has released two EP's (Meeting Darryl Strawberry in 2012 and Claustrophobia in 2014) and has released 3 remixes, one being signed to ‘Global Vortex Records’ after being released in 2012 also.


GoldenPlec on Claustrophobia EP - "If you’re new to CerebralFX, and looking for a reference point, then Crystal Castles and Fuck Buttons are a good place to start. There is certainly at least a spiritual connection between this ‘Claustrophobia EP’ and Fuck Buttons’ ‘Slow Focus’...What’s good to see is that his sonic template is subtly expanding. Altering textures to shift atmospherics is what CerebralFX does best. Kaoss has a nightmarish squall for an intro and lives up to its title. CharlieALPHAtango has a sampled dystopian rant of futuristic rebellion overlaying a gradually building groove that is filled with dread. If all this feels too much to take, the mood is altered by final track Kobenhavn which feels like awakening from bad dreams as it begins to finally let some rays of light in...The ‘Claustrophobia EP’ is further evidence that CerebralFX is a producer to watch."

ThePointOfEverything on 'Kaoss' Single - Citing Crystal Castles as an influence, Winfield mixes tortured screams with a pulsating beat and a disarming groove runs through the too-short track. It’s dark and heavy and points to a release that might soundtrack your nightmares (Halloween’s coming, right?)

Trippin' the Rift on Scarlet Monk - Happy REMIX - "..the CerebralFX remix of "Happy" that fills it to the rim with eerie atmosphere, echoes and whispers - think X-Files gone dub.."

ThatsNot2Loud on Meeting Darryl Strawberry EP - "..This is an album that will get in your head and stay there. I have lost count on how many times I have played this and every time you do you will hear some thing new in it. From opening track MARU to the closer WV82 will keep you hooked in. One to keep an eye on.."

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