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Cian Elliott

Indie // Glengarriff, Cork

Cian Elliott is an introspective songwriter who's musical style ranges from soft melodic folk through to heavier Indie-rock, while being lyrically inspired by a wealth of hard earned life lessons. He is always on the lookout for ways to broaden his perspective on life and feels inspired to make these lessons the focus of his self-development philosophy based music -be it utilising past experiences or taking deep wisdom from great thinkers past and present.

Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Bob Marley were Cian's childhood role-models. These days he is inspired by great lyricists such as Ben Howard, Chris Stapleton and uniquely deep New Jersey band 'Pinegrove'.

Cian says " if a picture can paint a thousand words then a song can effectively describe a person's whole life experience and that's the type of music I listen to -vulnerable, introspective lyrical journey's of learning and healing from trauma and gaining a deeper understanding of life itself".

Cian has already released his first two singles 'Take it Away' and 'Days of Dawn' from his debut E.P. 'Hourglass' which was recorded and produced in Ireland at Carrigsound, Ocean, and Wavefield studios respectively, 'Hourglass' will be released on August 30th this year.

From his home in Glengarriff, West Cork, Cian enjoys spending alone time by the ocean in search of the next deep ego-challenging concept, which is how he works to grow as a human being and alternative lyricist. On the surface his music certainly isn't for people who are running from themselves or their problems, though they just might be the people who could benefit from it the most.

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