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Ciaran Lavery

Alternative // Aghagallon, Antrim

After winning the Northern Ireland Music Prize in 2016, you'd be forgiven for assuming Ciaran Lavery would then have slowly ridden off into the sunset to quietly join the ranks of iconic Irish singer-songwriters.

Indeed, his debut record 'Let Bad In' has clocked up millions of streams. However, if Ciaran's music tells one central theme, it is one of mould-breaking disruption as he seeks to flip the singer-songwriter genre on its head. Expect themes of helplessness, mental turmoil and dark humour all wrapped up in crafted lyricism and musical punch.

‘Another Night at the Self-Indulgence Hotel’ sees Lavery at his most assured and playful. Delivering stark honesty with his tongue firmly in his cheek, this collection is evidence of an artist perfectly comfortable with their place at the centre of the narrative, and wanting you to know it.